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There is an increasing number of untrained, unlicensed people claiming to do proper windshield repair in San Diego. Most of these people are lurking around gas stations and car washes.

Many problems can come along with doing business with these characters. Here are a few problems:

– You cannot properly repair a windshield after a car wash. Soap, wax and rain repellants enter into your damaged windshield. These chemicals are designed to repel water and materials. Windshield repair is the science of adding materials to your glass. Trying to repair a windshield crack that has just come out of a car wash tunnel is like trying to glue two Teflon cooking pans together. Windshield repairs should always be done PRIOR to a car wash. If the damage has been treated with chemicals, a 2 hour minimum wait is required to make sure all moisture has left naturally. Some so-called techs will try to apply heat to the glass to dry it out, but this can have terrible consequences in the months following the repair. If you have damage that is apparent after a car wash, wait 2 full hours and drive to your nearest Pitstop Autoglass & Windshield Repair Service Center. We can apply a proprietary set of chemicals to counteract the contamination that was done by the car wash.

– There is an increasing number of “windshield bullies” who approach you at gas stations. Most often, they will tell you it is “customer appreciation day and we are washing windshields for free.” First things first…never let a stranger put their hands on your car! These people will almost always find a chip in your windshield and will ALWAYS ask you about your insurance information. They call it in, get paid and typically do not do any actual work, yet they get paid. If this happens to you, contact your nearest Pitstop Autoglass® for free advice. Even if we are booked and cannot service you, we will do our level-best to match you with a legitimate shop that you can trust to get quality windshield repair.

Additional information can be found by contacting the local windshield repair association for guidance. Visit the San Diego Windshield Repair Association for more information or to report shady activity.


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