Asymmetrically Strengthened Glass: Goodbye to Windshield Replacement?

 Asymmetrically Strengthened Glass

Asymmetrically strengthened glass might be able to revolutionize windshield replacement in the coming years. An asymmetrically strengthened windshield is bolstered with an outside piece of glass attached to the windshield that is harder than the inside piece of glass. The two pieces of glass are attached with a laminant. The outside layer is more impact resistant with the inner layer acting as a shock absorption material in the traditional mode of typical windshields. The result is a more solid windshield that is resistant to heavy impacts and smaller impacts of objects. In essence, the windshield is much stronger and more resistant to all impacts you would typically see on the highway.

The double layered windshield adds safety to drivers and passengers due to its ability to resist cracking and its impact resistant nature. The double layer also helps prevents dangerous cracks that can turn into larger problems later on if allowed to spread. Asymmetrical strengthened windshields keep occupants safer because they are much more resistant to sharp and blunt objects flying at the windshields.

Whether or not this double layering will change the windshield business significantly or not remains to be seen. One thing is certain; replacing the windshield is always a good idea for your car. Cracks and other small damages can turn into big problems even with double glass protection. Keep in mind that even small objects can create large problems if left untreated for too long. On the highway, traveling at a speed of 64 miles per hour or faster, increases the risk of windshield damage. If you have even a small crack in your windshield, you are asking for larger problems later in your windshield’s life. This is true whether or not your windshield has an extra piece of hard glass on the outside.



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